CEO Message

Dear visitors to our website,

I deeply thank you for your interest and encouragement in Yungjin Pharm
Co., Ltd. It is my pleasure to welcome you here to our website.

Yungjin Pharm is always moving forward and always imagining the future
with a passion. It is also our goal to make the impossible into the possible
with our passionate courage.

Our Vision is to establish Yungjin Pharm as a leading global
pharmaceutical company.

Since the establishment of Yungjin Pharm in 1952, we have a proud history
of contributing to the public health by developing and supplying excellent
pharmaceutical products for people who are suffering from many diseases.
We have also gone through many adversities and challenges. Yet, Yungjin
Pharm has overcome these challenges and has now set firm goals.

First, Achieving an outstanding financial outcome
Second, Providing satisfactory welfare to all the staff members
Third, Building a respectable company in the society

With our goals, passion and creative thinking, Yungjin Pharm will carry out
our duty to the fullest and grow continuously. You should pay special
attention as Yungjin Pharm will be transformed into a top and global
pharmaceutical company within five years.

Thank you again for the time you have taken to visit us here at the Yungjin
Pharm website.

With very best wishes,

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