CEO Message

My sincere greetings to all of our global visitors to Yungjin Pharm website.
It is my great pleasure to welcome you as you seek to find out more about our company, our products, our people, and our culture.
Yungjin Pharm has a unique place in the Korean Pharma industry as one looks back through our long history. Since its founding in 1952, we had been a leading Korean Pharma for more than approximately 70 years, especially well known for its international business with Japan & South-east Asia in both licensing in innovative medicines and for being one of the pioneers to manufacture and export high quality antibiotics (which still represents an important part of our business today).

In synergy, we had established a solid domestic business through our diversified ETC generics, OTC portfolio, and some iconic consumer brands. As such, Yungjin Pharm has been designated as an "Innovative R&D Company" by the Korean government for its continuing efforts to discover life-saving drugs in oncology, respiratory, and rare diseases. As for our employees, we have also been recognized as a "Best Family Friendly Company" working to achieve a great work-life balance and cater to the needs of our Yungjin family.
Presently, our transformation to become a global pharma is gaining momentum as we spread our wings beyond our core business in Korea and Japan into China/Southeast Asia through our export business and to US/EU with our innovative R&D drug pipeline.
We are driven to search for a unique win-win global collaborations through open innovation/partnering models and to elevate our manufacturing capability to support such growth opportunities. In parallel, We will also discover a variety of creative ideas through thorough performance and flexible organizational culture.Yungjin Pharm is passionate about strengthening our domestic business into a solid foundation from which all above-mentioned global transformation takes place, including adhering to a high standard of commercial and corporate integrity/compliance.
We will embody our corporate motto - "The medicine for your life" - as we believe in discovering, developing, producing, and providing access to the "right" medicine for our patients and customers in order to enhance their lives.

In closing, I hope that your website visit will be the starting point to a long, trusting relationship with Yungjin Pharm., whether you are a patient, physician, investor, (potential) employee or business partner, or just browsing. It would be my honor and privilege if you would join me in watching Yungjin Pharm transform and grow into a truly global pharma in the coming decade.

Thank you.

KiSu Lee, CEO/President

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