R&D Overview


Our R&D department conduct research and development to effectively respond to rapidly shifting
pharmaceutical markets.
We strive to target fields that have high unmet medical needs to conduct research for new
innovative drugs, generics and incrementally-modified drugs(IMDs) to potentiate YJP's value among
global pharmaceutical trends.

First-in-class, Innovative New Drugs : Target Indications

Oncology, CNS, Rare diseases

: IMD Key Platform Technologies

YJP Platform Technology
Fixed-Dose Combination Multi layered FDC Multi layered coating FDC
Controlled Release Hydrogel matrix system Multi layered tablet Floating Release
Absorption Enhancement Hydrophilic polymer system Micro-emulsion Solid dispersion Nano-particulation
New Salt Formulation Salt Solvate Complex
Dosage Form Change Solution Chewable tablet Orally disintegrating tablet(ODT)

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