1. The Start 1952 Year
    The Start 1952 Year, Import medicine from JP&US, and Introduce in korea
    Importing medicine
    from JP & US
  2. The Start 1962 Year
    1952 Year, Establishment of Yungjin Pharm
    Establishment of
    Yungjin Pharm
  3. 1974 Year
    1974 Year, First API plant was built; Introduce Penicillin in domestic market
    First API plant introduce Penicillin in domestic market
  4. 1984 Year
    1984 Year, The world first Bacampicillin synthesis & manufacturing  achieved
    The world's first Bacampicillin synthesis
  5. 1989 Year
    1989 Year, Factory (GMP) for Finished Product  in Namyang
    Factory for Finished products in Namyang
  6. 2004 Year
    Joined as a member
    of KT&G Group
  7. 2006 Year
    2006 Year, New Jeonju Factory establishment for API
    New Jeonju Factory for API production
  8. 2011 Year
    2011 Year, Namyang factory (Cephalosporin & General)
    New Cephalosporin plant in Namyang factory
  9. 2017 Year
    2017 Year, Namyang factory (Cephalosporin & General)
    '$70M Export Prize'
    awarded by KITA
  10. 2017 Year
    2017 Year, KL1333 WW rights licensed to Abliva(excl. KR, JP)
    KL1333 WW rights licensed to Abliva(excl. KR, JP)
  11. 2019 Year
    2019 Year, YPN-005 oral presentation at AACR
    YPN-005 oral
    presentation at AACR

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