1. The Start 1952 Year
    The Start 1952 Year, Import medicine from JP&US, and Introduce in korea
    Importing medicine
    from JP & US
  2. 1974 Year
    1974 Year, First API plant was built; Introduce Penicillin in domestic market
    First API plant introduce Penicillin in domestic market
  3. 1984 Year
    1984 Year, The world first Bacampicillin synthesis & manufacturing  achieved
    The world's first Bacampicillin synthesis
  4. 1989 Year
    1989 Year, Factory (GMP) for Finished Product  in Namyang
    Factory for Finished products in Namyang
  5. 2004 Year
    Joined as a member
    of KT&G Group
  6. 2006 Year
    2006 Year, New Jeonju Factory establishment for API
    New Jeonju Factory for API production
  7. 2011 Year
    2011 Year, Namyang factory (Cephalosporin & General)
    New Cephalosporin plant in Namyang factory
  8. 2017 Year
    2017 Year, Namyang factory (Cephalosporin & General)
    '$70M Export Prize'
    awarded by KITA

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