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Subjects Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd. was awarded with the '50 Million Export Tower' hit 4710
Write 국제사업본부 Date 2013-12-06


Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd.(CEO: Byeong-Hwan Ryu) was awarded with the '50 Million Export Tower’ award on the 50th Trade Day held at COEX on 5th of December 2013. In addition, Sung-Soo Kim, a director of the International Business Division at YJP, was also granted the great honor of being awarded with the Prime Minister’s commendation. After the company was awarded with the ’20 million Export Tower’ award in 2010, this is the 2nd time YJP was recognized for its great exports on Trade Day.

YJP have been actively improving the business constitution according to its business goal: ‘Globalization’. By expanding the business in the antibiotics market in Japan and China, YJP has achieved rapid growth in exports, over $65mil in 3 years and is aiming to achieve $100 million in exports by 2015. Over 40% of YJP’s total sales comes from ‘exports’ and this is expected to grow further by strengthening production lines, specifically targeted for Japan and China which are YJP’s main exporting countries.

Furthermore, developing new products and investing in a new production line targeting an international market, including C.I.S and Central & South America, will help YJP become one of the main ‘Global’ pharmaceutical companies in the near future.

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