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Subjects Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd., held a ceremony for a completion of a new building of GMP General Product Factory in Jeonju hit 4866
Write C.C.R. Date 2015-02-13

Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd.(CEO Byung Hwan Ryoo) held a ceremony to celebrate for a completion of their new facility of GMP General Product Factory in Jeonju on February 10, 2015.


Total of 80 people, including international clients, construction representatives, executives and staff members of Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd., have attended the ceremony. The ceremony was opened with an introduction of their guests, clients, awards of appreciation and contribution, and ended with tape-cutting, which represents the opening of the new facility. All guests had a chance to explore the new facility while the Chief Manager of the Factory provided the description and the purpose of the new facility during the tour.


Although the construction of the new facility only has begun in June of 2014, Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd. was able to complete the project successfully within 9 months, and now, in order to become a qualified facility, multiple process validation procedures would be performed soon. In near future, this new facility enables a stable supply of various APIs to both domestic and international clients. And with state of the art equipments, Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd. is expecting to become a leading API supplier by providing high-quality products with economical cost for overseas customers.


According to their Global Market extension strategy, Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd. is not only planning to carry out the expansion and enhancement of Jeonju and Namyang Production Factory of Yungjin Pharm. Co.Ltd., but also expected to deliver the excellent production capacity by providing world class quality products continuously.


Meanwhile, Yungjin Pharm. Co.,Ltd., in a statement, has shown a steady increase and excellence in performance in exporting their products to Japan in recent years, furthermore, its planning to boost their earnings followed by expansion their market to EU, Russia, North and South America, and China as well.  
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