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Subjects Yungjin Pharm has obtained the 'ISO 37001', the international standard for anti-corruption management system hit 781
Write BD Date 2019-01-07

Yungjin Pharm (Chae Joon Lee, CEO) has obtained the 'ISO 37001' certification, the international standard for anti-corruption management system, from the Korea productivity center quality assurance (KPCQA).

The 'ISO 37001' is an international standard for anti-corruption management system established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in 2016. It provides the guidelines for policies, procedures and control system on possible corruption risk.

After the introduction of compliance program (CP) in 2016, Yungjin Pharm has diagnosed and evaluated corruption risk in all sectors while promoting compliance with laws as core task of the company last year.

To establish anti-corruption management system, Yungjin Pharm has been preparing for ¡®ISO 37001¡¯ certification by lauching a TF organization, fostering internal auditors and setting goals to prevent corruption for six months.

In addition, Yungjin Pharm has strengthened its compliance and ethics through regular CP training and issuance of CP manuals. In particular, Yungjin Pharm operates 'Clean hotline', a system which eliminates unfair practices while guaranteeing anonymity.

The CEO of Yungjin Pharm said "Ethics management is essential in pharmaceutical companies." and "We will do our best to become a trusted global company by establishing an international standard system and ethics management."

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