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Write NMB Date 2019-08-13
Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd. was selected as '2019 Excellent Labor-Management Company' by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. The certificate of excellent labor-management culture is given to the companies have exemplary win-win labor-management culture.

On this day, Representatives of the labor and management, vice chairman Mr. Oh  and chairman of the labor union Mr. Shim attended the award. The staff from the personnel Division and the vice chairman of the union congratulated them with a bouquet.

Yungjin suffered from the one-sided change in sales policy back in 2016. However, Yungjin was selected as an excelent company in the labor -management culture of 2019 due to its reputation for leaping into a win-win labor-management culture, such as restoring mutual trust through continuous communication. In addition, the Ministry of Employment and Labor announced that Yungjin case of switching to a full-time employee or labor-management union, which received an ISO 37001 certification related to anti-corruption, influenced this selection of excellent labor-management culture.

Vice chairman Mr. Oh said, ˇ°We believe that selecting an excellent company in labor-management culture is a reward for the process that labor and management communicated together. We will continue to make better labor-management culture based on win-win and cooperation." Mr. Shim, chairman of the labor union, also said, ˇ°We will continue to develop an exemplary labor-management culture based on labor-management harmony as all employees, including the labor union, have been selected as excellent labor-management cultures through win-win and cooperation.ˇ±

As a result, Yungjin can apply to the '2019 Labor-Management Culture Awards', which is awarded at the end of the year, and will receive benefits such as exemption from regular labor supervision, preferential loan rate for bank loans, and credit points.

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