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Subjects Yungjin Pharm's Investor Relations(IR) Conference in 2019 hit 748
Write G.B.D Date 2019-12-29

On November 13, 2019, YUNGJIN PHARM held Investor Relations(IR) conference for the new key institutional investors at the IR room, the Yeouido Securities IR Council.

This year's briefing session was held in four years after 2015, to explain the investors about the company's holding of friendly shares and recent performances by the appointment of an audit committee member at the next general shareholders' meeting.

On the day, more than 20 people including investors, securities analysts, and reporters, were attended to the briefing session, and the Vice President of YUNGJIN PHARM, Oh Hyo-jin, who presented as a presenter, explained the business performance and business vision for 3Q in 2019. The R & D status was also announced on the day by Lee Kwang-ok, the director of the research division, in order to understand the investors, and said that he will challenge the first phase of the US clinical trial next year for the YPN-005, which was invited to the American Cancer Society (AACR) for the first time among the domestic pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

Investors were very interested in the new drug research being conducted by YUNGJIN PHARM, and after the announcement, R & D questions such as COPD therapy
YPL-001 and anticancer drug YPN-005 continued.

YUNGJIN PHARMs 3Q, 2019 sales were achieved estimated at $144B., which is expected to fulfill the surpass around $181B. for the annual sales with a profit of more than $9B.


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