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Subjects At AACR 2020, YJP presents significant data regarding antitumor activity hit 620
Write R&D Date 2020-07-01

YJP announces that they will be presenting translational research data during the AACR Annual Meeting, virtually held this year from June 22nd to 24th. YPN-005 is a CDK7 inhibitor, currently under development at R&D Center of YJP.


During this year's AACR 2020, the main focus of the presentation is on the pre-clinical data of YPN-005.


YJP has a history for being invited to give an oral presentation during AACR 2019 about YPN-005 as a CDK7 inhibitor and its mechanism in regulating Myc and MCL-1 along with the antitumor activity.


With the goal of discovering preclinical candidate, Korea Drug Discovery Fund and YJP has signed Research and Development Agreement. The preclinical candidate, YPN-005, has been determined to selectively inhibit CDK7, in which suppresses growth of solid tumor cells and hematological cancer cells. Also, from the mechanism of action study, it clearly demonstrated that Myc and MCL-1, oncogenes, were suppressed. The antitumor activity also has been confirmed in the AML orthotopic model.


There is no treatment available that controls the oncogenes, Myc and MCL-1. The cancers with overly expressed Myc and MCL-1 do not have a good prognosis, and the standard cancer treatments' effectiveness is low for such cancers.


YJP official says that "we are planning to submit IND during the first half of 2021 for YPN-005 as an innovative cancer treatment for Myc and MCL-1 over-expressed cancers. Focusing on drug efficacy on patients who failed or are unresponsive to the conventional treatment, the success rate of development will be increased. Also, with the additional indications, YPN-005 will have a potential to be a new drug, expanding its premises to worldwide through technology transfer.

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