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Subjects Yungjin Pharm donated 'Alvityl Plus D Syrup' to Holt children's services, Inc. hit 571
Write C&R Date 2020-07-22

Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd. (CEO & President Chae J. Lee) donated 2,400 'Alvityl Plus D Syrup', a comprehensive vitamin drug for infants and children, to Holt children's services, Inc. (HCS) under the prolonged COVID-19 situation.

Yungjin Pharm announced it has continued its social contribution activities, including support for the vulnerable in the local community every year, but has decided to donate medicines to HCS's 'Lost 413 Days' campaign as volunteer activities since voluntary activities has been restricted due to the recent ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

HCS's 'Lost 413 Days' is a support campaign to take care of babies for the first 413 days after birth until the babies are adopted by a new family. The donated items would be used as nutritional supplements for the babies waiting for adoption.

Chae Jun Lee, CEO of Yungjin Pharm, said "I decided to donate instead of volunteering after hearing that the children's nutritional supplements were insufficient," and continued "We hope that it will help to make a healthy infant life for babies waiting for adoption, and we will continue to actively practice social contribution activities as a pharmaceutical company responsible for the public health."

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