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Subjects Yungjin Pharms Jeonju Factory, Practicing the love of neighbors through rice donation hit 750
Write C&R Date 2020-11-27

On November 26th, Yungjin Pharms Jeonju Factory has donated 60 bags of 10 kilograms of rice to the welfare center in Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun to be shared with the neighbors in need.


The annual donation and voluntary work has been established in 2014 and it has become the tradition. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, employees of Jeonju factory decided, with the social distancing in mind, to donate rice to spread the love to the community.


During the donation ceremony, the factory manager, Myung-gu Chae stated that although it is a small donation during difficult times with COVID-19, but we hope it will provide strength to overcome difficult times for those in need.


"I sincerely thank employees of Yungjin Pharm's Jeonju factory for showing compassion for the neighbors in need," said Myung-wan Kang, the head of Bongdong-eup." Many people are in a state of anxiety due to the recent wave of COVID-19 outbreak. I hope we can wisely overcome the difficult times together through such sharing and donation.


Meanwhile, the donated rice will be delivered to seniors who lives alone and people with disabilities within the community.

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