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Subjects Family-Friendly certification proves that Yungjin Pharm is a great place to work hit 696
Write C&R Date 2020-12-02

On December 1st, Yungjin Pharm has successfully extended the Family-Friendly Certification, which is certified by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. The extended period is until November 30th of 2022.


The Family-Friendly certification is a system that grants certification to companies and public institutions that displays an idealized family-friendly model through assessment procedure so that employees can work and have family at the same time.


Yungjin Pharm received first certification in 2017 and the certification period has expired last November. The reassessment and audit process was done by the Ministry. Yungjin Pharm has been providing support for childbirth and childcare and also providing recreation centers, and in particular, Yungjin Pharm have received favorable reviews of family-friendly management leadership during the reassessement.


Through this certification, Yungjin Pharm will be able to receive services provided by the Ministry and the Korea Health and Family Promotion Agency, and will receive incentives provided by government ministries and local governments.


In particular, benefits will also be provided for employees and their families. The local governments will reduce entrance fees for sports facilities and recreational forests. These details can defer by the local government. The details can be founded on the website of each local government and family-friendly support project.


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