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Write R&D Date 2021-09-13

Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd. (CEO, Chae J. Lee, Yungjin) announced on July 26th, 2021 that the company has signed a collaborative research & development agreement with Curome BioSciences(CEO, Jooseong. Yoon, Curome) to develop drug for the treatment of rare and incurable mitochondrial diseases.

This agreement was made to create synergy in the treatment field of rare and incurable diseases from early screening stage, drug candidate discovery, clinical studies to commercialization by integrating the two companies mitochondria-related source technologies, patents and know-how.

Yungjin has been focusing on drug development for genetic mitochondrial diseases since its acquisition of KT&G Life Sciences. In 2017, Yungjin out-licensed KL1333, a drug candidate for mitochondrial disease, to Abliva.

Recently, Abliva successfully completed clinical phase 1a/b study with KL1333 in the UK. From the clinical results, Abliva reported positive pharmacokinetic data as well as signs of efficacy in patients with mitochondrial diseases. In addition, there was an association between levels of KL1333 in the patients and efficacy. No serious adverse events were observed in the study. Based on such results, Abliva and Yungjin aim to develop KL1333 as the first-in-class drug for mitochondrial diseases and globally commercialize in 2024.

The successful results from KL1333 phase 1a/b study provide us with a great opportunity for expanding indication such as rare and incurable diseases. This collaborative research with Curome will integrate both companies mitochondria-related source technologies, Yungjins capability for global clinical development, business and commercialization, establishing Yungjin as a global leader in mitochondrial medicine. says Yungjins CEO, Chae J. Lee.

Curome is a bio-venture company developing therapies for rare and incurable diseases. The company holds mitochondria study results and patents. Curome is leading mitochondrial function research in Korea cooperating with Chungnam National University College of Medicine and Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology that have been focusing on this field. 

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